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The New Hampshire Tree Farm Program is proud to honor Tim Meeh and Jill McCullough, owners of North Family Farm, as the 2011 New Hampshire "Outstanding Tree Farmer's of the Year"!

The North Family Farm encompasses approximately 945 acres of farm and forestland in Canterbury and was first purchased by family members in 1950. It has been farmed by Tim and Jill since 1974 and was enrolled in the Tree Farm program in 1982. The Meeh’s/McCullough’s strive to make their living from the land by producing hay, maple syrup, timber and energy. Over time they have tended and improved their diverse forest of white pine, red oak, and sugar maple. Beyond being good stewards of the land, the Meeh’s/McCullough’s have worked hard to reduce the amount of energy they use on their farm and to generate as much of that energy as they can themselves. They use wind and solar power to generate electricity for the reverse osmosis machine and vacuum pumps used for their maple operation. They collect and convert used fry oil into biodiesel to run their farm equipment. Wood ash from wood burning power plants is also used to help fertilize the hayfields. In addition to looking forward in their management of the land, Tim and Jill work to maintain and protect the past. This land was once home to the North Family of the Canterbury Shakers. Tim and Jill maintain the ponds, dams, stonewalls and gateposts throughout the property that speak to the handiwork of the Shakers. They have not only given this land a legacy of 35 years of thoughtful management; they have also placed most of their property under a conservation easement. Through this easement, they have ensured that these productive forestlands, wildlife habitat and historic resources will remain an important component of Canterbury’s rural landscape forever. Tim and Jill’s North Family Farm Tree Farm exemplifies the principles of sustainable forest management for multiple benefits of wood, water, wildlife and recreation that are the foundation of the NH Tree Farm Program.

As New Hampshire's Tree Farmer's of the Year, Tim and Jill hosted approximately 150 attendees during a very rainy fall day at the annual NH Tree Farm Field Day at their North Family Farm Tree Farm in Canterbury on Saturday, October 1, 2011. Events for the day included tours of the Tree Farm, educational programs, a pig roast/chicken barbeque, and many other activities that educated and entertained children and adults alike.

Caption: Tim Meeh, Jill McCullough, and son's Damon and Gemini accept the New Hampshire Tree Farm of the Year plaque at the New Hampshire Farm & Forest Exposition in Manchester in February 2011.




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