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New Hampshire Tree Farm Inspection Forms and Policies

Once a landowner has decided to begin the Tree Farm certification, has contacted the New Hampshire Tree Farm Program and it is determined that the property meets the Tree Farm qualifications, a Forester will then do a field inspection of the property. The following describes the forms and policies used when a Forester inspects a property:

The "New Hampshire Tree Farm Rating Sheet" can be used by an Inspecting Forester to evaluate a property to see that it meets the states high program standards. The Instructions for the New Hampshire Tree Farm Rating Sheet is an aid for Foresters when filling out the optional New Hampshire Tree Farm Rating Sheet above. When it is determined that the property meets the program standards, the Forester is then ready to fill out a "National Tree Farm Inspection Record" (also known as the "004 form"). To view the required 004 form fields click on this 004 form with highlighted fields. Once complete the record is submitted to the American Forest Foundation in Washington, DC and a copy is forwarded to the landowner for their records.

004 FORM UPDATE: In 2015, the National Tree Farm Program updated the Inspection Record (004 Form). The new 004 forms are fillable PDF versions of the 004 form (black and white OR color) that Inspecting Foresters can download and save to their computers. The other new option is downloading the free ATFS Inspectors App on your smartphone (which allows you to enter and submit an 004 form right from your smartphone). Visit the Foresters Inspection Corner 004 page on the National Tree Farm website to learn more about the new options for the 004 form as well as instructions on how to fill out the 004 form, frequently asked questions, and other resources. NOTE: As always, Foresters can still request hard copy 004 forms by calling the New Hampshire Tree Farm Program at (603) 224-9945.

When changes to ownership or acreage occurs between inspections, the "New Hampshire Tree Farm Change Form" is used to update the records.

Properties over 2,000 acres require an inspection by a team of Inspecting Foresters according to the "Team Inspection Policy".

"Certification, Recertification, Decertification, and Dispute Policies" are a comprehensive description of the policies that govern the New Hampshire Tree Farm inspection process.

Displaying the Tree Farm Sign

Once a Tree Farm has been certified, the landowner can display the Tree Farm sign on their property. Signs make the invisible, visible. Thats what Tree Farm signs are for: to notify the passing public that the green countryside they are passing is a managed forest. Tree Farms will be invisible unless you do a good job of displaying the sign of good forestry on a post by the roadside for all to see. A Tree Farmer receives their signs through their Inspecting Forester.



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