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Become A Tree Farmer

A Tree Farmer is a forest landowner who is recognized by the American Forest Foundation for practicing forest management for timber, recreation, wildlife habitat and watershed values. Prospective Tree Farms are inspected by a professional forester at no charge to the landowner. A landowner must meet the certification standards established by the NH Tree Farm Performance Rating System. New Hampshire Tree Farms have traditionally met some of the highest standards for certification in the nation. You'll be proud to be a New Hampshire Tree Farmer, as you and your forest will demonstrate responsible management of our most valuable, renewable resource.

To qualify, a landowner must:

  • Dedicate at least 10 acres to growing and harvesting forest products;
  • Have a written plan for the future management of their forest*;
  • Follow management recommendations prescribed by a licensed forester;
  • Demonstrate a commitment to stewardship of their forest for multiple values.
Approximately 1,500 New Hampshire Tree Farmers manage 500,000 acres. These landowners proudly display the familiar green and white Tree Farm sign signifying they are part of the nationwide American Tree Farm System.

*Tree Farm Management Plan

One of the criteria to qualify as a Tree Farmer is a management plan - without one you cannot be a Tree Farmer. There are some basic elements that need to be in plan in order to qualify. This New Hampshire Tree Farm Sample Management Plan is a guide to assist you and your Forester in preparing an acceptable American Tree Farm System management plan that meets the requirements of the Standards of Sustainability for Forest Certification. A New Hampshire licensed Forester must approve and sign the plan and in most cases will be actively involved in writing the plan. Although Foresters volunteer their time to certify and reinspect Tree Farms, the creation of a new plan or an update to an existing plan will require a fee.

You can also find more information about management plans on the American Tree Farm System website.



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