Our History

New Hampshire has a long history when it comes to our forests and forestry. But from a historical standpoint, sustainable forestry itself is rather new. The days of property owners simply harvesting all they can for short-term gain are in the past. Sustainable forestry, with its eye on long-term forest health, has become the industry standard for maintaining our forests and all they have to offer – not just wood products, but also wildlife habitats, recreational opportunities, and environmental benefits like clean water and air.

You can learn more about sustainable forestry at ATFS 2021 Standards of Sustainability

The NH Tree Farm Program officially came to be in 1950, following the establishment of the American Tree Farm System (ATFS) in 1941; ATFS serves as our national organization and helps set the standards we follow here in New Hampshire when it comes to certifying tree farms.

Over the years, the NH Tree Farm Program has grown to become a supportive community of tree farm owners, forestry professionals from many fields, and just plain fans of what our member forests continue to do for us all. Each year as an organization, we support New Hampshire Tree Farmers in a variety of ways, including monitoring New Hampshire Tree Farms to help their owners maintain national standards for their properties; organizing multiple educational opportunities; distributing newsletters and social media; and holding annual events that engage and enlighten members, prospective members, and the public, while also providing attendees with the opportunity to learn from each other’s experiences.

As our 75th anniversary approaches, the NH Tree Farm Program is looking forward to new ways we can continue to help encourage sustainable forestry across the state, while also continuing to learn from our very successful past.

Our Mission

NH Tree Farm Program’s mission is to promote the growing and harvesting of renewable forest resources while protecting the environment and increasing public understanding of all benefits of productive forestry.

Our Goals

The NH Tree Farm Program has several goals:

  1. To accomplish excellent forestry by educating and motivating woodland landowners to grow, harvest, and renew forest resources in an environmentally sound manner.
  2. To protect and promote the rights of New Hampshire Tree Farmers to manage their forest resources.
  3. To build mutually supportive relationships between wood-using industries and Tree Farmers.
  4. To communicate the benefits of excellent forestry by documenting and publicizing the NH Tree Farm Program and member accomplishments by:
    • Providing working demonstrations of forest stewardship so that other landowners can follow the best examples.
    • Gaining support for New Hampshire Tree Farmers and the work they do to provide multiple forest benefits.
    • Promoting better public understanding of the role of forest lands in meeting human needs for wood, water, wildlife, and recreation.

Our Co-sponsors

New Hampshire Tree Farm’s structure relies on volunteers from five co-sponsoring state and private forestry organizations to guide and administer our programs, a format that is viewed as a national model. We are proud to have developed this dynamic team:

New England Society of American Foresters – Granite State Division

N.H. Division of Forests and Lands

N.H. Timberland Owners Association

Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests

University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension

Our Executive Committee (2024)

Chair, Greg Jordan, UNH Cooperative Extension

Immediate Past-Chair, Jerry Langdon, Twin Pines Tree Farm, Epping N.H.

Co-sponsor Representatives:

  • Rita Carroll, Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests; Administrator and Re-inspection Chair
  • Robert Hardy, N.H. Division of Forests and Lands; Treasurer
  • Wendy Scribner, UNH Cooperative Extension; Education Chair
  • Pete Howland, N.H. Timberland Owners Association

Industry Representative

  • Karla Allen, Madison Lumber Mill, Inc.

NH Tree Farm Representatives

  • Tom Keegan, Bristol, N.H.
  • Jerry Langdon, Epping, N.H
  • Hilary Veilleux, Bethlehem, N.H
  • Ross Veilleux, Bethlehem, N.H.

Connect with Us!

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